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Glossnocity ceramic coating spray 1yr protection

Glossnocity ceramic coating spray 1yr protection

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Breakthrough technology in ceramic coatings. Detail Studio Ceramic coating spray Glossnocity is like no other ceramic coating spray out here. This is not an sio2 ceramic spray that is so common. This is a true ceramic coating. This will last a year, can be used to add to a vehicle already ceramic coated to extend the coating or as a stand alone. No solvents, water based. Very easy application. For best results prep paint with wash, iron decon, clay, polish, and panel prep before application.

1 16oz bottle will easily do 5 vehicles

Spray on a damp microfiber, wipe panel, buff off with dry microfiber in 1-2 minutes and you will experience an easy high gloss and protection
Glossnocity- A product so unique that the dictionary does not have a name for it

Allow to cure for 12-24 hours before getting wet
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