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Boost Plus

Boost Plus

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About This Product

Boost IT  is an incredibly user-friendly sealant.  It works great for maintaining ceramic coatings and enhancing the life and vibrancy of your coating. Apply every 3-4 months after coating has been applied.

Features & Details:

• Protect your ceramic coating with ease. Boost It adds life to your ceramic coating, ensuring it continues to protect your paint long after being applied.

leaves a glassy finish.

  Boost It  will make your surfaces hydrophobic for three to six months.  This prevents water spots, mineral deposits, and road spray from sticking to your vehicle.  Perfect for those in climates with heavy precipitation.

• Safe to use on all surfaces.

• Use as a stand-alone protection.  Even if your vehicle does not have a ceramic coating, you can still use the Boost it after buffing and  to protect your surface and produce a glossy, smooth finish.

For Best Results:

• Make sure your surface is cool, dry, and free of waxes and solvents before applying.

• Shake your bottle and spray directly onto your desired surface or onto microfiber tower and wipe on. Follow up with a dry microfiber to buff off remaining product.
Rain ready in 8-12 hours 

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