Premier Interior Car Kit

Detail Studio uses advanced technology and testing to formulate the best products on the market for detailing the inside of vehicles. When it comes to internal detailing, detailers need products that can handle multiple surfaces to leave vehicles cleaner and more protected than ever. When clients get back inside their vehicles after a detailing job, the internal condition will leave the longest lasting impression.

We offer shampoo, detailing kits, all-in-one cleaners, and upholstery-specific cleaners. All of our products work to provide superior gloss, protection and won’t generate a “fog” created on windshields left from other internal cleaning products. Our sanitization products are more important than ever, which is why we offer hospital-grade cleaning products without harsh bleaching properties.

Our products are heavy-duty, with pH balances to restore multiple surfaces. As well as unique formulas to provide the viscosity that will enable cleaner surfaces and better long-lasting results. Customers will leave with factory-looking interiors that are protected from UV rays and neutralized of previous odors. When applied correctly, customers will keep returning to your team for their detailing needs.

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