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Detail Studio

Detail Studio Metal Magic

Detail Studio Metal Magic

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Metal Magic works on chrome and metal and it polishes, cleans, and protects chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel, leaving surface with a brilliant shine.

Features & Details:

• Rid your chrome of imperfections. Chrome is especially vulnerable to dirt, grime, and other blemishes. Metal Magic removes oxidation and light scratches that hide your surface of its shine.

• Safe to use on several types of metal. Detail Studio Metal Magic is safe to use on chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, silver, and gold.

• Add a layer of protection. Not only does Detail Studio Metal Magic remove current stains, it adds protection

For Best Results:

• Shake the bottle of Metal Magic apply three dabs to a hand applicator. Rub into your chrome or metal surface in a circular motion, maintaining firm pressure.

• For heavier oxidation, use a 0000 steel wool or 000 Steel wool Rub until the chrome shines through.

• Wipe excess product off with a micro fiber towel

• Prepare for a beautiful shine on your freshly polished metal!

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